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Welcome to VFI Marketing!

As experts in event marketing, mobile marketing and field marketing events, we specialize in creating engaging, memorable and actionable events that instantly form lasting connections between organizations and their customers.  From retail activations, to dynamic trade show exhibits, to channel partner events, explore our site to see how experiential event marketing can take your marketing plans to the next level.

What Can Event Marketing from VFI Marketing Do For You?


Active Engagement vs. Passive Engagement:  Imagine taking your products and services directly to your audience instead of trying to bring them to you.  Imagine they're seeing, feeling, and interacting with your brand in ways you could never accomplish with sales calls or traditional advertising. Imagine your ideal customers taking the actions you want them to take, and then spreading the word to their family, friends and co-workers about their great experience.

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That's the Dream Scenario for any business.  But it's not a dream.  It's experiential event marketing.  


By creating visually stunning, interactive and informative event spaces that allow your customers to experience your brand first-hand, VFI Marketing will help you: 


  • Strengthen your current customer base

  • Build new legions of long-term loyal customers

  • Engage directly with customers by allowing them to experience your brand

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