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VFI Marketing can create dynamic trade show experiences that will engage your customers in a whole new way.

Relax.  We take care of everything.

Experiential Marketing.  Event Marketing.  Field Marketing.  Mobile Marketing.


Different names with the same goal:  to produce unique events and experiences which directly engage audiences in exciting ways.


Put simply, in a media-rich world where everyone is competing to attract people to products and services, we help connect your products and services directly with the people, through engaging experiential marketing events.


Best of all, we manage the entire process for you.  In order to have a successful event marketing campaign, and so that you can enjoy your success without hassle or worry, you need to be solid in these 6 Key Areas, which VFI manages for you:

The 6 Crucial Keys to Successful Events

VFI Marketing - Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning


We’ll identify the goals of your events and create a custom plan to make it happen.  We’ll get to know your company, your products and services, your customer base and help you craft the best approach to maximize results.  Working with you, we will review markets, regions and venues, determine the best locations for your events and goals, and outline everything needed for your campaign to be a success. 

VFI Marketing - Construction + Fabrication

Construction + Fabrication


VFI Marketing takes care of all fabrication needs for your event space.  For mobile tours, we craft custom-made trailers from the axels up, including custom interiors built to design, all interior and exterior signage, lighting, technical equipment, interactive displays, video and audio – if you can dream it, we can do it.  Our experienced engineers and designers handle both the technical and creative needs of the events, delivering units that are functional, visually stunning, and engaging.  And, we’ll update you regularly on the construction with photos, videos and live reports over the entire process.

VFI Marketing - Scheduling + Logistics

Scheduling + Logistics


We’ll assign your campaign to one of our talented Camapaign Managers, who will coordinate directly with the venue(s), manage the schedule of events, coordinate travel and accommodations, permitting, and handle maintenance of mobile units and equipment. We take care of any other logistical needs that will help your events go off without a hitch.

VFI Marketing - Staffing



Great field staff are the key to great events.  While this is an afterthought for many firms, we pride ourselves on finding top talent for each campaign's unique needs.  Whether it’s an experienced Event Manager to coordinate the event on-site, or a driver for your custom mobile unit, or a trained group of brand ambassadors to demo your products, we’ll find the best talent to fit the specific needs of the event.  We’ll vet them, interview them, and manage them throughout your campaign.

VFI Marketing - Marketing + Promotions

Marketing + Promotions


An event is only a success if the right people show up.  VFI will tailor a targeted strategy for your campaign that will get your message out to the right audiences, both leading up to your event and on-site during the event itself.  This can include media advertising, e-mail campaigns, social media, print promotions, radio remotes, giveaways, sweepstakes, and on-site games and contests – all designed to increase attendance and maximize engagement.

VFI Marketing - Analysis



We use many tools to gauge the effectiveness of your events all throughout your campaign, including in-depth analysis of metrics like attendance, weather, customer engagement, sales, and more.  We’ll update you regularly on the progress of each event, and if we see areas for improvement, we’ll make adjustments where needed.  These reports provide valuable information to your team on the level of success of your events and help you effectively gauge your ROI.

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